Intimate Moments Series:
Demona and Andrea

The Lesson

Written by: Madame Destine

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. The characters belong to their various creators: Buena Vista Television / The Walt Disney Company and The Gargoyles Saga, and they are used without their express knowledge or consent.

Warning: This is a work of adult fan fiction. It contains explicit depictions of sex and adult language, and is intended for mature readers only. If you are under the age of consent, please stop reading now.

* * * * *

"Madame, I promise. It won't happen again." Andrea fidgeted as her gargoyle lover finished securing a small padlock, joining the chromed rings on the leather cuffs about her wrists.

"Quiet," Demona ordered. Using a taloned foot, she made her human captive open her stance as far as the short chain connecting the matching cuffs on her ankles would allow. "You've made and broken that same promise once already. I forgave it the first time, but now you must be disciplined."

Andrea lifted her chin, tilting her head back as the final element of her bondage, a stiff leather collar, was drawn into place about her neck. "Yes, Madame," she replied. Andrea glanced at her reflection in the nearby mirror. Even though she was clothed, an excited chill ran up her back as the perfectly fitted collar became snug and the sound of a final tiny padlock being clicked shut met her ears. The black leather ensemble of cuffs and collar was a stark contrast against the rest of her outfit. White knee-high socks and a lightly starched white blouse were complemented by a short, pleated plaid skirt and a polished pair of saddle shoes. A simple hair band completed the look, casting her in the role of the innocent schoolgirl. Now, however, in her bondage, she both looked and felt a lot less innocent.

"Now, Miss Calhoun," Demona said pleasantly, placing her taloned hands on her student's shoulders. "Are you finally ready to be a good girl and do as I instruct?"

Andrea squirmed a bit against her sturdy new bonds. The wrist cuffs were firm and unyielding, offering even less movement than the handcuffs she had worn earlier, but the supple leather did not bite into her skin as the steel had done. She could wear these all night, she realized, another chill running through her at the prospect. She wouldn't be getting free until "Madame Destine" was satisfied she had learned her lesson. "Yes, Madame," she replied again.

"Good. Now remain still."

Andrea gasped as a taloned hand slipped deftly beneath her skirt and the tip of a vibrator was pressed against the space between her legs. Panties had not been included as part of her uniform when she had been made to dress, and the reason for that oversight now became clear. She tensed and rose up on her toes, but her lover held her firmly, keeping her from escaping as the cool shaft of stainless steel glided into place inside her. A moment later, the device began to hum and Andrea relaxed, her eyes fluttering closed in delight as it was cycled quickly to its highest setting.

"Now then," Demona stated, "I think we shall try the lesson again, Miss Calhoun." Gently, she guided the human woman to her knees, then clipped the end of a leash made of thin chain to the dangling ring on the front of her collar. "This time, however," she continued as she stepped around to stand in front of her captive, the end of the leash held in her hand, "the rules shall be a bit different."

Andrea opened her eyes, struggling to listen as the vibrator's rhythmic and relentless throbbing tormented her. Clad only in a tightly laced corset of black leather that left her ample breasts bared, Demona looked good enough to eat. Andrea grinned. As the gargoyle opened her wings and adjusted her stance, putting the hairless mound of her sex inches from her face, she realized that was exactly what her lover had in mind.

"Since you have had trouble obeying my instructions to not use your hands, my pet, I have taken care of eliminating that temptation for you. However, I could not proceed without affording you a new challenge in exchange. Therefore, my dear, the rules now are as follows. One, you must provide me with release before enjoying it yourself, and two, you must not allow the delightful little toy I have provided for your amusement to escape from you before you have completed the lesson. Should you fail on either of these tasks, my pet, further… discipline will be in store." Demona grinned devilishly as she picked up a coiled whip in her free hand and let all but the last loop fall. With that last coil, she lifted Andrea's chin so their eyes met. "Do you understand, Miss Calhoun?"

Andrea grinned. "Yes, Madame. Completely."

"Excellent," Demona purred, shifting her hips closer to the bound woman's face. "You may begin."

Andrea nodded. Her body was already responding, both to the stimulation from the vibrator and to the heady scent of her lover's arousal. Demona's pouting nether lips were already glistening, and Andrea could feel the space between her own legs quickly dampening as well, indicating there wasn't much time to spare. Licking her lips, the captive woman set to her task.

* * * * *

To be continued in "Ripples," a new story coming soon…