Written by M. the Cat

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* * * * *

High-boned olive cheeks darkened in embarrassment. "I have to go," the teenaged gargoyle stammered. "I told the leader I'd help the humans keep watch over their flocks."

The warriors, older by a hatching, laughed. The rust-colored brother who had invited him to bathe drawled, "We enjoyed your company, laddie. Perhaps you'll join us again."

He searched frantically for his loincloth. It wasn't on the rock where he'd left it. Instead, it was hanging from a tree branch just above his head. He jumped, missed, and snagged an end on the second try. The others continued to laugh. He wrenched it free and rushed from the clearing. Obscured from the bathing pool, he paused and tied it quickly around his narrow hips before climbing the nearest tree and taking to the air.

It had started out a typical summer night. Supper, then chores - his had been gathering wood for the community stores shared between the gargoyles and humans of Castle Wyvern. Then had come the Second's drills in aerial training. Tonight she had recruited three younger warriors to assist her.

The trio had taken notice of him, complimenting the clever way he had evaded their attack during combat drills. He had smiled back with self-conscious pride. Other trainees were faster and stronger, but none was as agile on the wing as he. When practice had ended and the Second had dismissed them, the leader of the group had put a friendly arm around his shoulders and invited him to cool off in their private bathing pool. His two closest rookery brothers had watched slack-jawed as he was elevated to lofty social heights, but they hid their disappointment at not being included by plotting to raid the larder.

He had gone with his older brothers far from the usual bathing place. Theirs was a secluded grotto hidden from prying eyes by dense shrubs. On the shore, several large flat rocks had tumbled over, forming natural couches to recline and bask in the moonlight. All in all, it was much nicer than the area the younger trainees and hatchlings were allowed.

"Refreshments," the rust colored warrior had commanded. The brother of few words lifted a stone and from an underground cache removed a flask of wine, good white cheese and coarse bread. In the midst of a growth spurt and always hungry, he accepted the spoils eagerly, listening as the others bragged about the points they'd made with the Second by volunteering to help with warrior training.

Sated, they stripped off their loincloths and body-armor and plunged into the cool depths of the pool. They continued to talk about inconsequential things, and he found himself amazed at the interest the warriors had in castle gossip. Only when the conversation shifted to their sisters did he begin to find himself growing uncomfortable.

"Have you seen the way she looks at me," the warrior with the long shaggy spill of blonde hair and ebon skin sighed. "I know she wants me. But she's a teasing thing."

"Our sister the huntress?" his brother drawled. "In your dreams, laddie." He sent a splash of water at their broad-chested and so far silent companion. "It's this stout fellow she's set her mind to, and don't think I know why." He put an arm around each of his rookery brothers so that they were standing side by side in the waist deep water. "Now which of these handsome brutes would you have, my lad?" he said to the newest member of their company.

"Well, I-" He pondered. All three of the warriors were of a rough and rugged build and ranked high among the young warrior cadre. It was likely that all would soon be members of the elite guard. As such, all were considered desirable mates by the females of the clan, though as yet none had been chosen.

"Come on, lad, speak up," the rusty one encouraged. "If you were one of our noble sisters looking to spend a warm summer's night trysting under the moon, who would you choose?"

The interrogator ran the palm of his hand down over the silent one's chest until it disappeared underneath the water. Something shaped like a mushroom cap broke the surface. "Silent but lusty? Or-" He gulped as the warrior turned to offer the same treatment to the ebon skinned gargoyle.

He had heard others speak of mates and mating, whispered words and knowing glances. It had meant nothing to him until one evening two moons past, he and his brothers had stumbled across a pair of humans in the granary. The female had her skirts up around her waist and the male his leggings down around his ankles. Both were moaning and sighing. The brothers had watched, open-mouthed, and then retreated, scurrying on all fours to escape undetected. Since then it seemed coupling, as it was called, was never far from his mind.

"Don't, brother," the ebon one protested, stepping backwards. "You know I'll be up all night if you start your games with me."

"And what's wrong with a bit of fun, eh lad?" He looked at the lamp-eyed youth. "If the females won't have us then we've naught but ourselves." He took the hand of the broad-chested warrior and pulled him into shallower water.

He gaped and felt tightness between his legs as the two warriors embraced. Chest to chest, groin to groin, their tails snaked out of the water and began to roam as the pair kissed human-style, with open mouths and darting tongues.

Their reluctant brother groaned. His hand disappeared under the crystal water. The once flaccid organ between his legs stiffened rapidly as he cupped and caressed it.

The pair broke their kiss and the leader turned on him. "We've shown you ours, young one. Now why don't you show us yours?"

"Hey!" A snake-like smoothness caressed him between the legs. It tickled his sack and he could not repress the groan of excitement that escaped his lips. Heat flooded his groin and he hardened, much to the approval of his new mentors.

"Och, he's a fine one, so stiff and thick. The females will be having their way with him in no time."

He stood still as stone as the muscular warrior turned his attention away from the silent one and exclusively to him. Talons left tiny scratches over his chest and the sensitive spot where his wing structure joined his arms. It felt good in a way he'd never felt before. It was like the hunger of a harvest festival. The anticipation of what was to be brought to the table was as exciting as the first savory bite. His eyes fluttered closed as the warrior engulfed his aching organ in a massive palm and squeezed gently.

"So, brothers. Shall we initiate our young friend into our game?"

For the first time, the silent one spoke. "Aye."

The ebon one nodded, stepped forward, and caressed the shelf of his jaw. "Let the game begin."

"Over here, lad." Two warriors took him by the hands led him to the shore and down onto his knees.

The rusty one joined them forming a circle. "I don't understand," he said. "What are we doing?"

"Have you ever had your way with yourself, laddie?" the ebon warrior asked in a most serious tone.

He was confused and said so. "My way?"

The three elder gargoyles exchanged bemused glances. "We've a hatchling amongst us, brothers," the ebon one said. "Maybe we should throw him back."

"He's no hatchling," the rust-colored leader said. "Though likely he's not verra experienced. It's our job to teach him, brothers. So we shall."

It had been reassuring when the older gargoyle had taken his hand. Less so when he guided it to the stiffness between his legs and held it there. "Stroke yourself."

He complied and was surprised to find how good it felt as his palm traveled from the tip of the velvety smooth head to the sack cupped between his legs. The leader stilled his hand. "Solitary amusement is a fine thing when there's no other means, but if the opportunity arises-" The handsome red-brown warrior kneeling at his side ran his tongue over his palm and began to caress him. He gasped in surprise as the previously pleasant sensation rocketed to an even greater intensity. "-always find a companion."

"Since the lasses don't seem to be inclined," the ebon one said. "Come on lad, one for all."

Hesitantly, he copied the leader, wetting his palm then wrapping it around the warrior's turgid ebony staff. He began rubbing up and down in time with the strokes he was receiving.

"That's right," the warrior groaned. "Don't be shy. Use both your hands like this." He was guided to encompass balls and head and the long thick shaft in between. He watched as the ebon warrior took the silent one's somewhat shorter but much thicker member in hand to begin his part in the game.

Never had he felt anything like it. The warrior's warm, smooth palm sent surges of urgent need that seemed to radiate outward from the core of his being. He wanted. "More," he moaned. "Please. More."

"Greedy," his partner grunted with approval and increased the pace of the stroke.

Soft sighs of pleasure gave way to ragged panting as the foursome worked their partners. A steady warm trickle of lubrication bubbled forth from the ebon one's tip, spilling into his hand, and he knew from the way the red-brown palm slipped easily up and down his own shaft that he must be doing the same. He moaned as the pull in his groin grew stronger. There were no words. Incoherent cries tore from his throat as he spurted hot and sticky into the palm of the rust-colored warrior.

"Don't stop!" the ebon one cried harshly as he rocked back on his heels in surprise and confusion. Startled, he tried to ignore the pounding in his heart and groin. He redoubled his efforts as the senior warrior commanded, unsure of the price if he failed in his task.

"That's right," the other crooned. "Good lad."

The leader was moaning now full-throated growls. "Faster, brother! Squeeze me harder."

Fascinated, he watched the remaining warriors take their pleasure. The silent one grunted once before shooting a long white spray that caught his rookery brother across the knee. The leader moaned and growled loudly as he rocked back on his heels.

"Finish me, boy," the ebon one growled. Suddenly he was no longer kneeling next to his partner but bent over him, his mouth being forced over the writhing ebony staff. Shocked, he opened his lips to protest. "Suck it!"

Confused and overwhelmed, he did as he was commanded. He closed his mouth and clumsily began to suck and lap at the rod-like hardness. Hands on the back of his head guided him and he found a new rhythm that seemed to please his partner. Tentatively, he caressed the velvet sack with gentle strokes. The scent was pleasing, and hesitantly he sucked it into his mouth as he worked the staff with his hands. The warrior above him groaned. With greater confidence he increased his attack and the ebon one began to moan in earnest.

"Swallow it, laddie," the rust-colored one instructed.

He did. Mouthfuls of ejaculate, warm and spicy, flooded over his tongue. Only when the pressure on the back of his head subsided and the once stiff member softened did he stop.

Hesitantly, he looked up. The ebon one had fallen onto his back. Chest heaving, eyes closed, one arm thrown out to the side, he looked completely spent.

"Did I do it right?" he asked, suddenly shy.

The ebon one opened his eyes. "You'll do."

The others, the silent one and their rust-covered leader, were already up on their feet heading back into the pool to bathe as if nothing had happened.

He was suddenly deeply confused. Filled with strange feelings he'd never before experienced and still he wanted – he wasn't sure what he wanted. The others had spoken of this as a game. Yet, part of him felt like there should be more. He still needed more. He crept to the side of the ebon one and bent to nuzzle his brow.

"Hey, now!" With a start the warrior jerked away.

His brothers turned and grinned.

"Seems our sisters aren't the only one to take a shine to ya, brother," the leader teased.

He'd broken some unspoken rule. Confused and unsure, he had bolted from the clearing, deciding to gather his thoughts far from the secret bathing pool. He found himself over deep woods far from the castle. Here would do. Here he could try to figure out what he had done wrong.

He dropped to the forest floor and caught a scent both new and familiar. He had smelled it all his life, but now the musky aroma had meaning. The smell of desire hung heavy on the air. He ducked into the cover of a berry bush as urgent voices cried out close by.

"My love," a female voice moaned. "Don't stop!"

He hesitated, peeked, and suppressed a groan. He had a perfect view of the Second and Goliath. They were kneeling on the ground, her with her legs spread wide, him behind her holding her by the hips. His dark purple erection appeared and disappeared as he withdrew it nearly to the tip and then slammed it home again, much to the Second's delight.

He watched, fascinated. This was the loveplay his companions lamented. He studied the pair, bright eyes wide with curiosity. The Second was a flame-haired beauty much talked about by all. It was not uncommon, when the Leader was out of hearing, to hear males whisper about how they wished to sup on her high, round breasts or caress the soft, sensitive skin at the base of her tail.

Goliath was doing neither of those things. One hand had moved to clasp the Second around her narrow waist while he pumped. Each thrust caused the muscles of his back and legs, especially those of his pale lavender buttocks, to bunch and strain. He grunted, time and time again, as the Second mewled and rubbed her bottom against him.

He felt his own member, recently drained, twitch to life with that same strange tug in the pit of his stomach. He swallowed and his hand drifted to his loincloth. He tried to shift the sudden stiffness to a more comfortable position, but his fingers lingered then plunged underneath the rough-spun fabric to find the hardness within. He stroked in time with Goliath's thrusts. The rust colored warrior was right, it felt good to touch himself, but not nearly as good as it had when fondled by another's hand.

Recklessly, he let the hastily tied loincloth fall to the ground and reveled in the sudden freedom. He sought the sensitive head, scratched it gently with a talon, and was rewarded as the small slit wept slippery juice. He tasted, sucking his finger as he had the ebon one. It wasn't the same. Disappointed, he continued to stroke himself as he watched the leader and his mate.

The Second began to keen inarticulate pleasure cries. Goliath pumped even more energetically over and over. He roared, and his wings flared. He fell backwards pulling his mate onto his lap where he nuzzled her brow affectionately. She smiled up at him and reached to pull him into a different, more intimate embrace. He shook his head. She frowned and began to protest as he rose to dress.

"I'm sorry, my love. I promised Prince Malcolm."

"You also promised me," she said softly as she wrapped her tail around his ankle.

He shrunk behind the shrubs. Goliath replied too softly for his voice to carry. But he could hear the Second clearly enough. "Goliath!" she cried. "I wasn't done yet."

He hesitated, then took a peek. The Second was lying on the grass, one hand roaming her body while the other delved into the cleft so recently vacated by her mate. Her tail began to snake and then she froze. "Who's there?" she demanded.

To ignore an order by the Leader or Second was to risk being cast out of the clan. Frightened, he stepped out from the shelter of the trees.

"You!" She looked around. "Where are the others?"

He shrugged. "What others?"

"Your rookery brothers," Her eyes narrowed. "Don't tell me you're out here alone."

He nodded.

"Alone and naked," she said with a small grin. "I suppose you are of that age." The fire-haired female gave him the once over. "Too young for a mate, but suddenly full of strange feelings."

He thought of the encounter with the warriors and nodded. "Yes, Second."

She pursed her lips. Goliath's athletic performance had left her only partially sated. "So eager to please. Come here," she commanded imperiously.

Hesitantly, he complied, crossing to stand before the azure female. She nodded her approval as her eyes drifted to the semi-erection that hung between his legs. "Yes, I think you'll do." She wrapped her hand firmly around his shaft and pulled him to her. "When I have time, perhaps I'll instruct you properly. But for now-" She dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth.

A strangled cry escaped his lips as he was engulfed in the hot wet cavern. So this was what it was like to be on the other end. As the ebon warrior had done, he placed his hands on the Second's head and hung on. She held him in her mouth as he hardened, gave him a few teasing strokes of her tongue and then withdrew. "You're young and eager," she said. "Now you're young, eager, and hard. Take me."

"Take you where?" he replied confused. His brain kicked in. The Second had turned her back to him, twitching her tail in invitation. He gulped. Then, envisioning Goliath, he took aim at the opening between her legs.

It was like her mouth, only tighter. Tight and wet. He pulled out a little and thrust back again. It was like the hand stroking, he realized. He had to find a rhythm. Unsure of what he was doing, he thought of the rusty warrior, his hand moving up and down his shaft with confidence. It made his balls clench.

"That's right, young one, in and out. You watched before. Practice what you saw."

He visualized Goliath, his great purple member disappearing then reappearing nearly to the tip as his buttocks and shoulders clenched.

The Second was doing something with her hands, pressing his shaft as it entered her depths. It struck a pleasure point of which he knew nothing and she moaned. He tilted his hips to change the angle of his thrusts and she squealed in response. "Yes! Yes! Don't stop!"

The warriors at the bathing pool… the sight of the Second and Leader coupling…the warmth and wet depths he was plundering. For the second time that night the world faded as the Second's grasp on him tightened passed the point he could bear.

He felt himself dwindle. As his body relaxed he felt night air cool his still twitching organ.

"You learn quickly."

He unclenched his eyes and looked down shyly at the Second. She lay propped on her elbow spurs, and her tail moved lazily. She glanced at the moon, barely visible through the trees, and sighed. "But there's no time for anymore lessons." She rose and began to dress.

His brain began to kick into gear. He had coupled with the Second. He had coupled with the leader's mate. "I. We. You," he said dumbly.

"I," the Second said, "am leaving. We - engaged in a training exercise. You -" Her eyes glowed faintly red. "- would be wise not to mention this to anybody. Including your little friends. Do I make myself clear?"

He gulped. "Crystal."

"Good." She adjusted her golden tiara more firmly on her browridge, and with a leonine scream she left him to find his own way home.