Nearly Midnight

Written by Puck

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. The characters belong to their various creators: Buena Vista Television / The Walt Disney Company and The Gargoyles Saga, and they are used without their express knowledge or consent. Characters from the fanfic universe of Madame Destine are used with permission.

Author's Note: This story was written and posted on New Year's Eve (at the very last possible minute, because I just love to procrastinate) as an entry for the GargoylesX Board's Winter Writer's Challenge.

* * * * *

"Domi, we really shouldn't be wandering around the castle like this." Andrea Calhoun clasped her fingers tighter about her gargoyle mate's proffered talons, grateful for the aid they gave in steadying her in her heels as she struggled to keep up. "It's nearly midnight," she said as they rounded a corner into yet another dim corridor. "We should get back to the party."

"Hush. In here, my pet." If Demona's ears had even registered her mate's words, her expression didn't show it. Candlelight glinted off a fanged grin as Demona drew the smaller woman past her and guided her into the empty guest room. Andrea turned, her lips parting to form another protest as the flame-haired gargoyle drew the heavy door shut behind them, but a kiss silenced her before she could make another sound. Demona's lips had no sooner met her own when she felt the gargoyle's powerful tail curl deftly about her waist. Andrea gasped in delighted surprise as the appendage rendered her immobile, and Demona pressed her advantage, drawing the human woman close and probing her mouth hungrily with her tongue. With the flick of an azure talon the door's latch was secured, and a soft growl rose in Demona's throat as she placed her hands on Andrea's shoulders and pulled her imperceptibly closer.

In an instant, passion overcame any lingering sense of shock. Andrea's hands fell lightly to Demona's hips as she returned the kiss with redoubled intensity, dueling back with her own tongue to taste of the fanged mouth of that now held her lips captive. Demona's growl turned to an impassioned moan as she inhaled deeply through her nose, reveling in the wonderfully enticing fragrance that had been driving her mad all evening, tormenting her sensitive nostrils each time her mate approached. One hand slid up the back of Andrea's neck to caress her hair as the other trailed down, tracing along the embroidered mandarin collar of her red cheongsam dress to the teardrop shaped opening that offered a teasing glimpse of bare chest.

A chill ran down Andrea's back as the sharp talon-tip traced lightly over her skin, and at the touch she melted further into her mate's embrace. The kiss was like none she had experienced before. It seemed to last forever, and with each passing moment she found herself both more and more aroused and more and more lightheaded. It was only as an afterthought that Andrea remembered she needed to breathe, and so at last, reluctantly, she pulled away.

"Mm, alone at last," Demona purred upon breaking the kiss. A devilish smile graced her lips, earning her a bemused look from her breathless mate. "All those hours watching you float about the room in that dress, not even able to share a dance with you for fear of what silly rumors might get started. Wondering why I even agreed to come to this event in the first place, while at the same time going out of my mind every time I caught a hint of your scent on the air." Demona sniffed delicately, the grin on her face turning playful as she lifted the woman's chin with a taloned finger. "I should have known better than to give you that perfume for Solstice without giving you a full demonstration of what the consequences would be for prolonged exposure."

Andrea's eyes went wide, but Demona quieted her before she could speak with a finger touched gently to her lips. "That was my mistake, of course, not yours, my love," she continued, "but now we must both make the best of things. That's why I've brought you here. Now that we're away from prying eyes, we don't have to keep pretending that I'm nothing more than just another pretty gargoyle who has modeled for your paintings." Demona trailed a talon lightly across the petite woman's forehead, brushing a lock of blonde hair aside as she traced back along her ear and then down her neck. "Now," Demona said softly as Andrea nuzzled affectionately against her hand, "we're free to do this."

Where the first kiss had sent chills down her back, the second drew forth a fiery flash of heat that rose from deep within her belly and coursed over her body like a rolling wave. Andrea needed no prompting. Her hands moved on their own, caressing her lover's body through the finely tailored gown of emerald silk that she had been persuaded to wear in order to look her best for the many well-to-do members of P.I.T. whose handsome donations had earned them invitations to the gala New Year's Eve party which was still underway in the castle's Great Hall. "Dominique… oh my," Andrea gasped, caught short of breath once again as Demona abandoned her lips and began trailing butterfly kisses down her neck.

"Now, my pet," Demona said, alternating her words with kisses as she wrapped Andrea in a winged embrace, "I've got you… right… where…you… belong."

Andrea placed a hand to the female gargoyle's chest, temporarily staying her lover's fervent advance. For a moment, the artist toyed idly with the gold and jade pendant that hung there, suspended on a gold chain just above the lovely expanse of bosom displayed above the emerald gown's plunging neckline. Only the most observant of people, she mused, smiling, would ever notice that the banding on the dangling piece of jewelry was a match to that of the ring she wore on her left hand. "Well, Domi, I suppose it's only fair," she replied, staring up to meet her lover's dark eyes. "You've already… thanked me several times for the gift I gave you for Solstice." A sly quirk came to her lips as she added, "So I suppose now is as good a time as any to… thank you for that lovely little bottle of perfume."

Andrea rose up on her toes, planting a gentle kiss on her lover's luscious red lips as she wrapped her arms about the female gargoyle's impossibly slender waist. "The party can wait," she breathed softly. "You're here. I'm here. Let's ring in the New Year together."

Demona trembled as Andrea's fingers slid over her hips to the special spot above the base of her tail. The gown's open back left the sensitive area totally exposed, and a pleasurable jolt ran up her spine as her mate took full advantage it. Demona expelled a ragged breath and let her wings go limp. "Andrea, please," she whispered weakly, "stop… stop torturing me like this."

Andrea gazed up her mate, her brown eyes dancing with wicked delight as she pressed her body forward and pinned the gargoyle firmly against the door. "Stop?" the artist teased. "But Domi, I'm only getting started."

Demona's hands traveled to the human woman's shoulders even as she reeled from the heat that was rising inside her. Andrea's scent was intoxicating, but it was her lover's expert touch that was now pushing her rapidly toward the edge. It surely wouldn't take long in her current state, yet still she yearned desperately for more direct stimulation. "Please, Andrea," she begged again. "You know what I want… what I need."

Andrea smiled, her hands retreating to the rounded swell of the gargoyle's hips as she replied, "As you wish, Madame."

Demona leaned back and relaxed against the wall, hiking her flowing skirt aside as Andrea sank to her knees. As her lover's soft lips met the inside of her thigh, a shiver ran up her back and down the tips of her wings. Demona's tail lashed lazily as Andrea's gentle kisses trailed steadily upward, until at last she felt her tongue lap teasingly over the pouting folds of her nether lips. Long, light strokes were soon followed by quick, deep thrusts, and Demona's eyelids fluttered closed under the exquisite assault. "Oh yes, my love," she moaned, "yes… yes." Her words turn to gasps as the tempo increased and a pair of slender probing fingers were added.

The fingers found their target almost instantly. Demona hissed in delight as Andrea caressed the swollen, sensitive nub hidden between the folds of her outer lips, all while continuing to lap hungrily at her liquid center. Her hips thrust forward on their own, her knees going weak as the waves of pleasure took over her body. She lasted only a few seconds more. With one final gasp, Demona saw red. Tossing her head back, she keened as she came, her tail lashing wildly behind her.

Demona opened her eyes after what seemed like an eternity. Looking down, she found her mate still kneeling on the floor before her. The petite blond was smiling, her lips still glinting with moisture. Demona smiled back. Extending her hands, she pulled Andrea back to her feet. "Andrea," she said, still nearly breathless, "that was… wonderful."

From somewhere out over the bay, muffled by the castle's stone walls, the sound of exploding fireworks could be heard. Andrea squeezed her mate's talons and licked her lips demurely. "It's midnight," she said. "Happy New Year, Dominique."

Demona smirked and leaned in for a kiss. "Happy New Year, Andrea."

* * * * *

The End