Turnabout's Fair Play
a sequel to "Mistress of Dreams"

Written by Puck
Email: puck@artchicks.org

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. The characters belong to their various creators: Buena Vista Television / The Walt Disney Company and The Gargoyles Saga, and they are used without their express knowledge or consent. Characters from the fanfic universe of Madame Destine are used with permission.

Warning: This is a work of adult fan fiction. It contains explicit depictions of sex and adult language, and is intended for mature readers only. If you are under the age of consent, please stop reading now.

Author's Note: This story takes place in a universe where the dreams shared by Fox, Elisa, and Angela in Madame Destine's story "Mistress of Dreams" are not dreams, but reality. This story is not canon with the work of Madame Destine, and was written purely for fun.

* * * * *

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on..."
- William Shakespeare, The Tempest, IV:1

* * * * *

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Fox? I can always wait until sunset and just do my best to wing it if you don't want to..."

"Nonsense, Elisa," the auburn-haired woman replied as she undid the last pearled button of her ivory blouse. "It's a terrific idea. I've always found that a little rehearsal of what you're going to do can be very helpful." Fox shrugged the garment from her shoulders, slipping it off in one fluid motion. "Honestly, my dear," she stated, "I've been waiting for you to take some initiative like this." Fox gave the woman an amiable smirk as she let the silken fabric fall away, revealing the satin-encased swell of her breast.

Elisa smiled back, struggling to keep her nervousness from showing as a slight chill ran up her back. "You have?" she questioned.

Fox nodded and tossed the discarded blouse carelessly onto the bed, where it joined the tailored emerald green skirt and jacket ensemble she had been wearing since that morning. "Of course," she answered casually. "It means I've done a good job of training you." She moved a step closer to her lover, noting the anticipation dancing in the dark-haired woman's brown eyes. "You know, Elisa, I've already done this several times with Angie." Her tone was coy as she reached behind her back to place her fingers to the clasp of her bra. "I've even had a little running bet going with her," she added, smiling demurely as the fastening came undone. "We've both been speculating on how long it would be until you finally came to me looking to return the favor."

"Is that so?" Elisa raised an eyebrow in surprise. She hadn't expected Fox to shed her bra and go topless, but she forced herself to keep her excitement in check as the woman slipped the narrow straps from her shoulders. With her business attire and her brassiere cast aside, Fox was stripped down to an exceedingly sexy, all-black ensemble consisting of nothing more than her heels, panties, and stockings. Elisa felt a fleeting pang of guilt. Usually it was her and Angela, not Fox, who wore the lesser amount of clothing during their encounters. Right now, however, she was still fully attired in her usual outfit of jeans, tee shirt and jacket. Still, she couldn't help but smile as she stepped forward to relieve her lover of the unwanted undergarment. "So who's won that bet, Mistress?" she inquired. Elisa flung the bra aside, then caught Fox's slim fingers in her own and pulled her close.

Fox chuckled and pressed herself against the other woman, enjoying the sensuous feel of Elisa's well-worn red leather jacket against her skin. "Why, I have, of course, thanks to you, my pet." She grinned devilishly. "Angie's going to be very surprised tonight."

Elisa's smile broadened. "Oh yes," she replied. "That's a guarantee."

"And you, naturally, will be expected to perform flawlessly as my assistant."

Elisa nodded. "I promise you won't be disappointed, Mistress."

"Good." Fox stepped back, resuming a more serious demeanor. "Now, let's get down to business. You are you and I am Angela. I've just removed my tunic as my Mistress Fox has commanded, and now I am awaiting instruction from my fellow slave, whom I've been directed to obey without question. So go on, Mistress Elisa." Fox smiled wickedly. "Show me what you have planned for me."

"Okay." Elisa took a steadying breath. Angela's prediction of their Mistress Fox's reactions had so far proven correct, but now she had arrived at the real moment of truth. While she was eager to begin, she knew that she needed to proceed cautiously. There was no sense in getting ahead of herself and doing something in haste to ruin the clever plan that had taken the two of them so long to devise.

"If it helps, Elisa," Fox encouraged, "you can walk through it once to start out. Then we can fine tune it, and go back and rehearse it at speed."

"Right." Elisa's hand went to the pouch on her belt where she carried her handcuffs. "No more hesitations," she chastised herself. The butterflies swarming in her stomach told her it was now or never. "I'm going to start out by cuffing you, er, I mean her... Angela."

"I am Angela for now, remember?" Fox smirked and turned around, putting her hands behind her back as Elisa approached. "You could wear your dress blues tonight," she suggested. "I bet Angie would like that."

"Actually," Elisa replied as she slipped the first polished steel cuff around Fox's left wrist and cinched it closed, "I was hoping I could borrow something of yours." Now out of Fox's field of view, she relaxed a little and gave in to the urge to smirk triumphantly as she guided the auburn-haired woman's right wrist into the second cuff and quickly swung it shut.

"Hmm," Fox mused. "You'd look absolutely delicious in that black leather jumpsuit. I suppose I could accommodate you, though I'm afraid I would have to insist that you wear the matching heels, as well."

Elisa chuckled. "Sure, why not?" With a few soft clicks, she adjusted the handcuffs to the proper degree of tightness and finished by securing them with the tiny key. As Fox felt Elisa's hands fall away, she tugged lightly at the restraints and was mildly surprised to discover she could not twist them. "They're the newer hinged style," Elisa explained as she took Fox by the forearm. "They'll be standard issue soon. They allow less movement and are supposed to be a lot harder to escape from."

"Yes, I know," Fox replied. She smiled in amusement as she allowed Elisa to escort her across the room. "Even if the prisoner gets hold of the key, she can't turn her wrists to reach the locks. Quite sufficient for restraining a human, but I think you might want to consider using something a bit more substantial for a gargoyle like me."

Elisa chuckled softly. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet, 'Angela'," she chided. "Those cuffs are just until I get you to the downstairs, where the rest of the evening's festivities will be taking place."

Fox nodded in approval. "I'm liking the sound of this already, Elisa. Lead the way."

"With pleasure, Mistress." Still keeping hold of her prisoner's arm, Elisa reached out to touch the certain stone in the wall that opened the secret doorway to Fox's private playroom. Elisa quivered with barely contained excitement as a section of the wall slid away, revealing the narrow, curving stairway. She had been handcuffed and nearly nude herself the very first time Fox had led her down these same stairs into the 'dungeon' to join Angela for an evening of erotic torment. As she tightened her grip and guided Fox ahead, the memory of that moment only caused the smirk on her face to turn all the more wicked.

"I like the handcuffs," Fox commented as they descended the ancient stone steps, "but you'd be wise to consider using a nice set of leg irons, too. I'm sure you've noticed how they help make even short walks like this a little more... challenging."

"Hmm, that's a good idea." Elisa continued to urge Fox forward as they reached the bottom of the steps, aiming her toward the open area in the middle of the main room. "If I were to do that, though," she replied, humoring her captive, "I guess there should probably be a punishment for stumbling. Ten swats with the paddle or something like that."

Fox grinned proudly. "Exactly. Now you're talking like a girl who's been paying attention to her lessons."

"I've just had a really good teacher." Reaching the spot that she wanted, Elisa bade Fox to stop and did her best to wipe the wicked grin from her face before turning the other woman around to face her once again. The air was a bit cooler down in this well-hidden part of the castle, and already the change in temperature was having an effect on the voluptuous redhead. With her hands cuffed securely behind her, Fox's bared breasts were thrust forward, putting the dark rings of the aureole and the jutting nubs of the nipples on prominent display. As she took in the pleasantly erotic view, it was all Elisa could do to resist the urge to reach out and touch them. "Patience," she chided herself. "You'll have all the time you need soon enough."

"So what comes next?" Fox shifted her feet and glanced upward. Spying the chains that dangled from the ceiling, she raised an eyebrow speculatively. "Are you thinking a suspension scene?"

Elisa allowed a little bit of the slyness to creep back into her smile. "Maybe towards the end," she replied, "but not to start."

Fox nodded. "It's usually always best to work up to that." She shook her head, tossing her long mane of auburn hair back over her shoulders, and watched as Elisa moved away and quickly chose several items of restraint from the vast collection displayed on a nearby wall. As her slave turned assistant-in-training returned with her selections, Fox smirked and spread her feet apart, already anticipating what was to come. "You knew exactly what you wanted and you went straight for it," she stated as Elisa took to her knees and maneuvered the chromed spreader bar with attached leather-lined steel ankle cuffs into place. "I'm impressed."

The solid click of a heavy padlock announced that the right ankle cuff was secure, and Elisa moved quickly to the left. "I've been thinking about this part for some time now," she replied. "Ever since you and Angela did this to me that one night, in fact." Another click signaled that the second lock was in place, and Elisa rose back to her feet as Fox smiled in remembrance.

"That was a fun evening, wasn't it, my pet?"

"Oh yes, very," Elisa replied. Smiling, she slipped her hand into her pants pocket and retrieved the handcuff key. "But I think this evening is going to be even better."

Elisa released Fox from the handcuffs, but the moment of freedom lasted only for as long it took the dark-haired woman to bring Fox's hands in front of her and secure an imposing pair of steel shackles about her delicate wrists. The heavy cuffs matched the ones about her ankles, with a lining of soft leather that both ensured a snug fit and made them suitable for extended wear. Fox held still as Elisa fastened the locks. "An excellent choice, my dear," she commented.

"Thank you, Mistress," Elisa replied. Smiling, she tucked the ring of keys into her jacket pocket and reached up to grab the hook that hung from the ceiling just above their heads. The chain to which it was attached clattered noisily over the pulley as she drew it down, and Fox held out her hands to allow Elisa to join it to the center link of the short chain connecting her manacles. Elisa stepped away, and a minute more found Fox's predicament compounded as she put the finishing touches on the scene. Grunting, she gave the winch on the wall a final tug, pulling at the crank until the heavy ratchet clacked one last time to announce all was secure. "There," she said. How's that?"

Fox relaxed as much as she could, but in putting her full weight on her bonds, she discovered that Elisa had left her with very little slack. With the cuffs that encircled her wrists drawn high above her head and her stance held fixed by the spreader bar between her ankles, her feet just barely touched the floor. "That's perfect, Elisa," she replied. Experimentally, Fox curled her toes inside of her shoes to find that even that slight movement seemed to increase the tension in her arms and legs. "Wow," she muttered breathlessly as a chill trickled over her body. "It's a good thing I wore my heels today."

"I'm glad you're enjoying all of this, Fox." Elisa slid the locking bar of the winch into place to ensure the device would not accidentally loosen if her prisoner began to struggle. "I really am," she said, smiling. "It makes this all so much easier."

Fox wiggled her fingers and smiled back as the dark-haired woman stepped once more into her line of sight. The small motion was one of only a few her bondage permitted. The cuffs and chains held her body stretched taut. "You've really impressed me, Elisa." Fox wriggled in a playful manner, her muscles rippling and tingling as she tested the tightness of the chains that held her arms stretched toward the ceiling. "Angela's really in for a treat tonight."

Elisa nodded and reached into the pocket of her bomber jacket. "Oh yes. There's just one final touch, though, before we're done."

Fox's eyes twinkled in delight as she spotted the gag. "Well now, I suppose since we've come this far on the first run-through," she said as the smiling dark-haired woman moved close, "we may as well finish." Obligingly, she opened her mouth, permitting Elisa to press the shiny red ball between her teeth.

Elisa stepped behind her new captive, drawing the straps behind Fox's head and quickly buckling them before the other woman could reconsider. She cinched them tight, and with one last tiny padlock she secured the chromed buckle. "There," she announced. "Now you're completely at my mercy, slave."

The captive woman chuckled, but the sound never made it past the gag. The rubber ball filled her mouth completely, leaving her able to make only muffled grunts and moans. Being denied speech only accentuated the oddly arousing feeling of helplessness that already stirred within her as she imagined herself as Angela, inescapably bound and trembling in fevered anticipation of what Mistress Fox would permit Elisa to do next.

Fox squirmed playfully, unable to help herself, as she felt Elisa's fingers trail lightly down her back. The thoroughness with which Elisa had thought the scenario through before bringing it to her Mistress had impressed Fox greatly, but the intimate proximity they now shared was making it harder and harder for her to think straight. Elisa's breath was warm on her neck, and as she inhaled through her nose she could catch the woman's delicately perfumed scent growing heavy in the air. How much worse would the torment be later that night for Angela, whose gargoyle senses were so much more acute? If she was the young lavender-skinned female, Fox pondered absently, the touch of Elisa's skilled fingers at the small of her back combined with this tight position of restraint would almost certainly have her tail lashing and a sensuous purr rising from deep within her throat.

"Totally and completely at my mercy," Elisa breathed softly, "and you know that you're loving each and every second of it." Fox tensed beneath the woman's touch, pulling herself back from her musings as Elisa's hands slid around to her belly and the dark-haired woman pulled herself close. "Aren't you, my pet?" she whispered huskily.

A chill raced down Fox's back as the cold metal zipper of the Elisa's bomber jacket made contact with her bared skin, but the sensation dissolved within seconds to one of utter warmth as the woman pressed herself inexorably closer. Fox moaned softly, her eyes fluttering closed as she relaxed into the intimate embrace. She was barely aware of Elisa's hands as they slid slowly upward and cupped her breasts, until she felt the woman's thumbs tracing lightly over the jutting tips of her nipples.

Fox opened her eyes and drew herself back from her reverie. Her new apprentice was skilled, there was no doubt about it, but she was also a bit too overeager. Elisa could be forgiven this time since it was her first, Fox decided, but she couldn't allow this rehearsal to continue. She'd already permitted Elisa to go as far as Angela had ever been allowed to go, and anything more would be stepping over the line. There were just some things, after all, that were more appropriately left until the actual performance.

"Mmph!" The sharp command of "Stop!" was rendered unintelligible by the gag, but the accompanying shake of the head left little doubt of Fox's intent. Elisa, however, only smirked, as for her this meant the real fun was now just beginning.

"What was that, slave?" she asked. Her voice took on a mocking tone yet strangely still retained its sensuality. "You'll have to speak up. I can't quite hear you."

Fox blinked incredulously, shaking her head again as Elisa gently rolled the tips of her nipples between thumb and forefinger in that special way that she knew always drove Fox mad. The auburn-haired woman tensed, a wave of desire coursing through her as she strained against her bonds. What was going on? Surely her lover and devoted playmate would not suddenly choose now to begin disobeying her. Fox sucked in breath, her eyes going wide as one of Elisa's hands began to slip back down her belly while the fingers of the other continued their dance of erotic torment. "Mm-MM-mph!" was all she managed in attempting to cry out Elisa's name. "Mmph!" she added, repeating her earlier command.

"Stop?" Elisa questioned softly. "Is that what you're saying?" She pressed herself nearer to the captive woman as her hand reached the waistband of Fox's panties. "Now why would I want to go and do a silly thing like that, hmm?" she mock-pouted. "In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm just getting started." She smirked as she slid her hand beneath the thin layer of black satin. "And since I'm calling the shots now, I think we should see what these lips have to say first."

Fox shook her head and squealed in protest, but within seconds the outraged sound had become a moan of pure pleasure as her tormentor's fingers found the sensitive bud of flesh near the already dampening space between her legs. Fox rolled her head back and closed her eyes, struggling with unreal turn of events. Elisa, her slave, had tricked her... and now her own body was betraying her as well.

"Just as I thought," Elisa purred. "You're getting all hot and wet." She brushed her fingers through Fox's pubic curls, feigning withdrawal, then worked them downward once more to tease the erect, unhooded nub of her clitoris. "You know, Angela and I have been waiting a long time for this, Mistress." Elisa drew the last word out as she slid her fingers further down, trailing them lightly along the bound woman's pouting nether lips. "Such a very, very long time," she said. "Tonight, we're going to give you a little taste of what it's like to be the slave."

Fox groaned and thrust her hips forward reflexively, and Elisa rewarded her by slipping a pair of fingers inside her and pressing the heel of her palm against the aching center of her need. "That's it, Fox," Elisa whispered, "don't fight it. You know that you've been wanting this just as much as I have." Elisa inserted a third finger and slowly began to thrust in and out, eliciting another pleasure-filled moan from her auburn-haired captive.

Her head was reeling, her thoughts torn between shock and desire as she thrashed in the chains. Fox cursed herself for playing right in to Elisa's trap even as the heat rose within her. Elisa stood behind her, pleasuring her the way she had done countless times in the past. The incredibly strict bondage she had been placed in, though, added an intense new dimension to the experience that she simply could not deny. Elisa was in complete control, and the familiarity of her touch was bringing Fox rapidly to the edge. She strained against her bonds, struggling to increase the stimulation and gain the release she desperately needed... only to be cruelly denied as the other woman abruptly pulled away.

"Uh-uh, Fox," Elisa cajoled. "It's not going to be that easy." She circled around into Fox's line of sight, the sly smile upon her face turning lascivious as she brought her fingers to her lips and one by one licked them clean of her Mistress's sweet nectar. "Tonight, my pet," she said, "you're going to have to earn it, just like you've always made us do."

"Mmph! Mm-mmph!" Frustration and a small hint of anger colored Fox's muffled exclamation, but as she rattled the chains for emphasis, Elisa only laughed.

"Yes, I suppose I am," she replied, "but no more so than you, Mistress." She smiled wickedly and strode within arm's reach of her nearly nude captive. "Turnabout's fair play, Fox. Angela and I have decided to repay you in kind for all that you've taught us so far. But since I promised her that I wouldn't let the real fun start until she wakes up -" Elisa pushed back the sleeve of her jacket and checked her watch. "- it looks like we've both got some time to kill." Elisa stepped close enough to reach out and brush back the curl of auburn hair from Fox's tattooed eye. "I'm going to go slip into something a little more comfortable," she said, a hungry glint in her eye, "but I'll be back soon to keep you company."

Fox quieted and stared at the dark-haired woman curiously, helpless to do or say anything in reply. Elisa planted a gentle kiss on Fox's cheek, and smiled in a mysterious way that seemed to promise that many more surprises lay ahead. "Now you be a good girl while I'm gone," she admonished, "and consider this next hour as your first lesson." She cupped Fox's chin in her hand, making the woman meet her gaze. "Patience is a virtue, you know."

Fox's eyes went wide and, with a chuckle, Elisa stepped away. A moment later, the sound of the secret door closing at the top of the steps announced that she was alone. Alone and chained, a captive in her own dungeon. Were she not gagged, she might have laughed at the irony. Instead, she was left to speculate in mute silence what further erotic torments were to come when Elisa returned, and what would happen when Angela joined them after sunset. If the girl was planning to use that lovely tail against her as expertly as Elisa had used her hands... "Mm," the redhead purred, shuddering in anticipation.

Mistress Fox closed her eyes and did her best to relax, allowing the shackles and the chains support her as she felt the heat rising again in the space between her legs. Her two enterprising playmates would pay for this little stunt eventually, she mused. For tonight, though, perhaps it might be amusing to let them have their bit of fun and seize the opportunity to experience things from the other side of the slave collar. After all, she had taught them everything they knew, so she really had no one to blame but herself.

* * * * *

"Sorry, Fox. I hope you're not finding the suspense too unbearable." Elisa smiled as she eyed the image on the security monitor. The secure camera feed from the 'dungeon' had allowed her to give Fox some time alone to appreciate the new element being tightly corseted had added to her predicament, while still maintaining the ability to keep a close eye on the woman in case she began to experience any distress. So far, Fox seemed to be faring quite well. Having exhausted herself with several minutes of squirming and wriggling about in a futile attempt to work her hands free of the shackles, she stood quietly now, eyes half lidded as she focused on catching her breath. "Such wonderful stamina, too," Elisa said. "I knew you wouldn't disappoint me."

A gentle tapping at the balcony doors roused Elisa from her musings. Rising from her seat at Fox's elaborate dressing table, she checked her makeup in the mirror one last time before turning to answer the summons. Elisa pulled the edge of the curtain aside, confirming with a quick look through the glass that the visitor was indeed the one she was expecting. "It's about time," she muttered as she laid her hand to the latch.

The night air was pleasantly cool as it flooded in through the door with the lavender-skinned female gargoyle's entrance. "Where have you been, Angela?" Elisa asked in greeting. "Mistress Fox and I have been waiting."

"I'm late, I know." Angela settled her wings about her shoulders and stepped in from the spot where she had alighted. "I spent the day at mother's, and I ran into Broadway as soon as I returned to the castle." She gave a coquettish grin and smoothed the front of her tunic with her talons. "We ended up in my workroom, and I guess we just lost track of the time."

"You're over an hour late," Elisa chided. "You two must have really been having fun up there."

"I'm sorry, Elisa. I didn't even realize -" Angela paused mid-stride as she caught sight of her human friend. Elisa wore a short, strapless dress and elbow-length gloves made of a shiny black wet-look vinyl that clung to her figure like a second skin. High heels and stockings completed the look, but it was the stout riding crop that hung at Elisa's side that left Angela in little doubt of what her role would be tonight. Angela dropped her gaze to the floor, immediately assuming a submissive posture in anticipation of the coming rebuke.

"It's Mistress Elisa for tonight, my dear," the dark-haired woman stated, "and you should know better by now than to offer excuses for tardiness."

Angela spied a glint of silver as Elisa approached and flashed a pair of handcuffs. The gargoyle turned around, her heartbeat quickening, and obediently placed her hands behind her back. Elisa had been given leave to take charge, it seemed, and Angela didn't need to be told what to do. She knew from experience what was expected. Still, she couldn't help noticing that Elisa was skipping a major step in the usual routine. "Shouldn't I undress first, Mistress?" she dared to ask as Elisa's gloved hands grasped her talons.

"There's no time for that," the woman answered. After turning Angela's palms outward, she slipped the rigid handcuffs around the young female's wrists and quickly cinched them down to secure her new prisoner. "There's a surprise waiting for you downstairs, Angela, and Mistress Fox is growing more impatient by the minute."

"A surprise?" Out of the corner of her eye, Angela saw the woman twirling a red silk scarf into a blindfold just a second before it fell over her eyes. In an instant, she was plunged helplessly into total darkness. Angela shivered, a chill running down her tail and along the edges of her wings. She tugged at the handcuffs and blinked, but the restraints did not budge and not a slip of light made it past the edges of the fabric.

"Yes, a surprise," Elisa said. "Now come along."

Angela quieted and allowed Elisa to guide her, one hand upon her forearm. Despite being blindfolded, she knew immediately where they were going. Beneath her taloned feet, the plush carpet gave way to cold slate as they crossed the expanse of the master suite, passed through the secret door, and began their winding descent into the castle's former dungeons. Angela had made the trip to Mistress Fox's private playroom so many times by now she knew each and every individual step by heart. Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty, she counted silently as they reached the bottom.

She sniffed lightly at the cool air, catching a lingering trace of Fox's scent. The distinctive fragrance was strong and tinged with the unmistakable spice of arousal. Angela's tail twitched in response. A light rattling of chains sounded nearby as Elisa directed her to stop, and the young gargoyle perked up her ears. Certain that her Mistress Fox was presently examining her from head to toe, the lavender-skinned female stood quiet and still, head bowed, doing her best to look contrite. She was expecting at any moment to hear the woman speak, possibly promising later punishment for her slave's disobedience. Instead, however, it was Elisa who broke the silence.

"Okay, Angela," she said, "are you ready for your surprise?"

The gargoyle drew a steadying breath. "Yes, Mistress Elisa."

The woman had stepped behind her once more, and Angela suddenly became a bit perplexed as she felt the handcuffs come undone. "Excellent," Elisa said. She tucked the handcuffs back into the pouch on her hip, then gently massaged Angela's wrists where they had begun to leave marks of deeper purple on the lavender skin. "There, isn't that better?" she asked.

Angela nodded as Elisa released her hands. "Yes, Mistress," she replied cautiously. Her brow ridges furrowed in confusion. Was that dulcet undertone she could detect in Elisa's voice a hint of mirth?

Softly, Elisa chuckled. "All right, Angela. You can go ahead and take the blindfold off now."

Angela hesitated for a moment more, still uncertain. Was this a trick of some kind? Slowly, she reached up with both talons to touch the simple bow Elisa had tied at the back of her head.

"You're going to like what you see," Elisa encouraged. "I promise."

Curiosity piqued at last, Angela gave in. With a gentle tug, the scarf over her eyes loosened and fell away.

"Oh my," she gasped, her wings flaring. "Mistress Fox?" Angela blinked to be sure the tableau she saw before her wasn't some sort of illusion. In the center of the room stood Fox, gagged and securely bound. Heavy chains and thick shackles held the woman immobile, her legs spread and her arms stretched toward the ceiling. Beyond her bondage, she was attired in nothing more than her high heels and her undergarments. For a long moment, Angela couldn't help but stare. In her black thigh-high stockings, panties, and satin brocade corset, the helpless redhead looked absolutely stunning.

Fox made a soft noise from behind the bright red ball that filled her mouth, and her emerald eyes grew wide and beseeching. Angela could make out the rhythm of her name in Fox's muted plea, and an odd tingle of excitement raced over her as she realized at last what was going on. Angela turned to Elisa, shaking her head in stunned amazement. "I can't believe it. I know we'd talked about it but... oh my... it actually worked?"

Elisa grinned. "Like a charm. She didn't even suspect a thing until it was too late."

Angela glanced briefly back at Fox as the imprisoned woman strained against her chains and gave another unintelligible mewl. Angela's tail swished nervously as the full implications of what her friend had done began to sink in. "By the dragon, Elisa, I never thought you would actually go through with it."

"I know, Angie," she replied. "That's what made it so much fun." Elisa took a half step, slipped an arm around Angela's waist, and drew her gargoyle companion into an embrace. "You should have seen the look on your face a moment ago when the blindfold came off." She ran her fingers lightly over Angela's brow ridge, smiling. "It was priceless."

Angela smiled back as Elisa's hand trailed over the pointed tip of her ear and came to rest at the back of her head. "It was a very lovely surprise, Elisa," she replied. She settled her wings about the human woman's frame as their lips met. Yielding control once more, the gargoyle permitted Elisa's tongue to slip easily between the sharp fangs to tease at her own. Angela's taloned hands found lover's hips, and she drew Elisa closer. As they kissed, Fox's plight was left momentarily forgotten.

Breathless, Angela broke the lip lock. "Mm, so what comes next, Mistress Elisa?" She peered over Elisa's shoulder at Fox, eyeing the captive woman warily. "I mean, now that you've caught her, whatever are you going to do with her?"

Elisa stepped back and retrieved the small ring of keys she had tucked down the front of her dress for safekeeping. "That's a very good question, Mistress Angela." With a smirk, she held them up and jingled them. "I've been doing my best to keep her entertained while we waited for you." She cast a sidelong glance at Fox. The woman had ceased struggling against her bonds and appeared to be waiting patiently for her turn at receiving some attention. "She's a fast learner," Elisa continued, "when given the proper motivation. Three hours in those chains has done wonders, but I think she's ready to move on to some more advanced lessons if you feel so inclined."

Angela caped her wings and contemplated the opportunity that was being presented to her. If she accepted the key ring that Elisa dangled before her, she would have the chance to do one of two things. She could set Mistress Fox free, then aid her as an obedient slave girl should in turning the tables back on Elisa. Or, she could join Elisa in rebellion, and assist her in showing Mistress Fox a night of erotic torment equal to any of those the woman had ever subjected them to. Angela looked at Fox, wondering what she might be thinking as she hung there in suspense, quietly awaiting her fate. The first option, Angela pondered, might spare her from the retribution her Mistress was already surely planning to exact later. Though seeing as the genesis of the plot had been her own, total amnesty was hardly a guarantee. Besides, she rationalized, backing out now would be terribly unfair to Elisa. Especially after her playmate had gone through so much trouble to gift-wrap Fox so nicely in the same heavily boned red and black corset she herself had been made to wear the last time all three of them had gotten together.

Angela licked her lips, her tail twitching as she made up her mind. "Let me have those keys, Mistress Elisa. It's time I had a turn at playing with our new pet Fox."

Elisa grinned wickedly. "As you wish, Mistress Angela," she said, dropping them into Angela's outstretched talons.

The second the keys landed in her palm, Angela turned on her heel and cast a lustful smile at the dungeon's auburn-haired prisoner. "Now then," she said as she strolled casually to Fox's side, "let's get down to business, shall we?" Her eyes roamed hungrily up and down the length of the woman's toned, taut body. "Three whole hours like this? Why, Fox, you must be ready to do anything by now to get out of those chains." Angela caressed the woman's cheek, tracing the sharp tip of a taloned finger along the leather strap of the gag as she circled behind her.

From across the room, Elisa looked on, watching as Fox's eyes fluttered shut at the touch of the gargoyle's hands to her shoulders. As enjoyable as the evening had been so far, she knew it would only get better now that Angela was participating in the games. Elisa smiled. The night was still young, and although neither of them yet knew for sure exactly what lay in store, she could already tell that Mistress Fox was going to receive very little mercy from the girl she had trained so well in the art of domination.

* * * * *

Fox moaned softly, her head rolling back in delight as Angela's four-fingered hands kneaded at her over-tense shoulders. A sharp exhalation sent air whistling from her nose as the pleasurable rush of warmth spread to the aching muscles of her arms and back. Angela's massages were always an exquisite treat, but never before had she appreciated the girl's skill as fully as she did right now. Angela's words from a moment before echoed in her ears as the tension slowly faded. Had it really only been just three hours since Elisa had tricked her? To her, it seemed like an eternity had passed since then.

"I'm going to remove this gag," Angela stated, "but you are not to speak unless you are spoken to. Do you understand, slave?"

The glee with which Angela added that final word barely registered in Fox's mind. Her jaws ached from biting down on the gag, and she nodded enthusiastically in reply. The soft click as the lock came undone was a welcome sound, and within a few seconds more the straps went slack and Angela reached around to gently extract the ball from between her teeth. Fox tilted her head back, swallowing quickly to keep from drooling on herself as the device fell away.

"There, isn't that better?"

"Yes." Fox licked at her lips. Her tongue was dry, and the stale taste of rubber still lingered. "Yes, Mistress," she amended hastily, remembering her place. "Thank you."

Angela chuckled. "Elisa was right, you are a fast learner." Setting the gag aside, she set her attention next to the corset. Angela brushed the woman's hair to one side and traced a finger down her back in a zigzag pattern. Elisa had laced the woman in so tight, not a sliver of skin showed beneath the laces. "While I love what this does for your figure," the gargoyle stated saucily, "it's keeping me from fully admiring those lovely tits of yours." Angela hooked a talon into the laces and gave an experimental tug. Then, with a growl, she raked downwards, rending them instantly.

Fox gasped in astonishment at the sudden outburst and arched forward, straining against her bonds as the confining garment was abruptly pulled away. Angela cast the ruined corset to the ground and gave another throaty growl. Wrapping an arm about Fox's slender waist, she pulled the woman back and leaned around to capture her lips in a passionate kiss. Fox trembled, her knees going weak as she struggled with the myriad sensations. An inhuman tongue probed her mouth, seeking to duel with her own, while a taloned hand fondled her breast, teasing and pinching at the hardening nipple.

The redhead gasped as a slithering appendage began to creep up the inside of her thigh, but Mistress Angela granted her new pet no reprieve. Renewing the kiss with redoubled intensity, she held Fox close until the tip of her tail had found the front of the woman's panties. Only then did she break it off, leaving Fox completely breathless. Angela smiled evilly, reveling in the thrill of imminent conquest as she slipped her tail beneath the lacy black fabric. A short distance away, an amused Mistress Elisa looked on, smirking in equally wicked approval.

Illustration by Cindy "Eden" Kinnard

Fox swayed unsteadily, suddenly grateful for the support the chains offered. Elisa had kept her teetering perilously close to the edge for most of the evening. The tip of Angela's tail brushing lightly against her swollen clitoris was all it took to push her to the precipice of bliss. "Yes, oh god... yes," Fox murmured as the first warning tremor of ultimate pleasure rode over her.

"Careful now, slave," Angela warned. She slipped a talon into the waistband of Fox's panties and pulled them aside. "Don't you dare cum without my permission." Fox opened up her eyes, meeting Angela's devilishly cruel gaze as the gargoyle's tail slid teasingly along the glistening, pouting lips of her sex. "Mm, look how wet you are. All nice and ready for me."

A strangled gasp escaped Fox's lips as Angela slid her tail home with deliciously unexpected force. The startled redhead rose up on her toes, shaking her head 'no' in disbelieving protest even as her body screamed 'yes'. Fox whimpered as Angela took up a steady and leisurely rhythm. The girl knew full well that she was close. She simply meant to torment her. Desperately, Fox summoned every remaining ounce of her eroding willpower, determined to fight the inevitable. Fingers splayed, she tensed against the chains and drew deep breaths in a last-ditch effort to maintain self-control. She had surrendered her body to Elisa. She couldn't allow Angela to claim her will, as well. She just couldn't.

The gargoyle's tail pressed relentlessly in maddeningly slow thrusts. With each stroke, Fox's breathing grew shallower. Angela could keep this up indefinitely, she realized with no small degree of trepidation, and with every new thrust it became clearer that the girl intended to do just that. Fox had been on the receiving end of Angela's attentions countless times, but never before had the girl taken her with such excruciating control. Her body cried out wantonly, desirous for more of the pleasurable torture in despite of her conscious efforts to resist.

It was a battle she knew she could not help but lose. As panic began to set in, she looked to Elisa, pleading desperately with wide, bright eyes for pardon. The dark-haired woman, however, returned only a wicked smirk. Fox shuddered and moaned. She felt tears welling, and she blinked her eyes shut before Elisa could be given the satisfaction of seeing her cry. "Please, Angela." Fox's voice quivered with urgency as the last of her self-control slipped away.

"Silence, slave," the gargoyle hissed. "You may not cum until I say so." Angela shifted position and gripped the human woman's full, tender breasts in her clawed hands. "If you can't obey such a simple command, you will be punished... severely." Grinning cruelly, she squeezed the fleshy orbs and flicked the pads of her thumbs over the woman's erect nipples.

The added stimulation was nearly too much to bear. Fox choked back the scream that was building in her throat and thrashed in her bonds, seeking futilely to escape before she was finally overwhelmed. Angela, however, had no inclination to be merciful. Reveling in exaltation, she tightened her grip, pulling the captive woman close and holding her fast. Fox trembled in the gargoyle's embrace, and with a triumphant smile, Angela delivered a final aggressive thrust.

Nothing on earth could hold it back now. Fox keened and threw back her head. Her long auburn tresses cascaded wildly about her shoulders as her body shook with orgasm. The release, denied to her for so long, overcame her in wave after massive wave. Every nerve tingled with the hot, pleasurable onrush. All of her senses dissolved, melting into a haze of pure unbridled ecstasy.

* * * * *

"That was so naughty of you, Angela." Elisa flexed her riding crop and strode casually to the gargoyle's side, high heels clicking on the stone floor. "But doesn't our pet look lovely now?" Fox slumped in the chains, panting heavily in the afterglow of the tumultuous orgasm. Her skin was damp with sweat and shone in the torchlight, and the inside of her thighs were soaked with the glistening evidence of her climax. With a gloved hand, Elisa reached out to gently caress the exhausted redhead's cheek. "Mm, there's nothing quite like the rush that comes from a really good tail fucking, is there, my dear?"

Angela cackled at her companion's overtly salacious comment. She lashed her tail, caught it in her talons about the middle, then brought the tip to Fox's quivering lips. Bidding the woman to sample the sweet nectar of her own passion, she ordered, "Lick me clean, slave."

Fox blinked in seeming non-comprehension. "Mistress?" she questioned weakly.

SLAP! The firm smack to her naked backside elicited a shuddering gasp from the helpless woman. "When I give an order, slave, it is to be obeyed, not questioned," Angela stated. "You've already gone and disobeyed me once, so you'd better put that mouth of yours to work right this instant if you don't want to find that gag back in it."

A chill ran down Fox's spine at Angela's darkly imperious tone. Without another word, she gingerly extended her tongue.

"That's it, slave," Angela encouraged. She wriggled the tip of her tail as the woman warmed to the task, ensuring she had complete access. "Make certain you get it all."

Fox's head swam with the heady scent as she licked and kissed the squirming appendage that the gargoyle had so recently used to expertly torment her. This simple act was surely no more than just the beginning of her punishment for having cum without permission. As Angela withdrew her tail and stepped away to quietly confer with a smirking Elisa, the former Mistress of Castle Wyvern was left to wonder numbly what further humiliations were to come.

* * * * *

To be continued...