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November 24, 2011 - When Demona prepares the Thanksgiving meal, it's Andrea who gets served.

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October 31, 2011 - Andrea was promised a treat when she put on her costume. Has she been tricked again?
"For the love of God, Ms. Destine!"

February 14, 2011 - Demona's heart is true, but what of her aim? Andrea is about to find out!

October 18, 2010 - This Halloween, is Andrea in for a trick or a treat?

July 4, 2010 - Demona and Andrea would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!

Presenting a brand new holiday story for mature readers only:


Featuring: Demona & Andrea
Story by: Puck, Artwork by: C.K. Russell

Released: December 25, 2009

Madame Destine's Stories

Please note: All stories rated NC-17 are intended for mature readers only!

BREAKDOWNNC-17, Posted 22-Jun-1999
Andrea's personal crisis brings a profound change to the life of Dominque Destine. The first story by Madame Destine, taking place right after the end of second season of The Gargoyles Saga.

GOOD INTENTIONSNC-17, Posted 13-Aug-1999
How much trouble can Andrea get into with a simple incantation and a few sticks of incense? Demona faces the risk of losing everything when her new lover stumbles upon the secrets of her past.

KALEIDOSCOPE EYESNC-17, Posted 22-Sep-1999
Fox confronts a painful memory from her past as she enlists the help of Detectives Maza and Bluestone to help solve a mysterious murder.

MISTRESS OF DREAMSNC-17, Posted 10-Mar-2000
Angela, Fox, and Elisa never dreamed that mixing a little magic and a few wild fantasies could lead to such a nightmare.

THE SECRET DIARIES, VOLUME 1NC-17, Posted 23-Mar-2000
A peek inside the secret diary of Andrea Calhoun.

THE SECRET DIARIES, VOLUME 2NC-17, Posted 04-May-2000
From the journal of Dominique Destine...

WHERE FOOLS RUSH INNC-17, Posted 06-Jul-2000
Demona stands at a crossroads. Which path will she choose: personal happiness, or her place in the clan? And will Lexington see what's been in front of him all along?

WHAT TOMORROW BRINGSNC-17, Posted 26-Apr-2001
A world council of gargoyles leads to more than the Manhattan Clan ever bargained for.

RESPITENC-17, Posted 08-May-2001
Goliath and Elisa enjoy a weekend getaway in this first installment of this series of short stories.

Dominique Destine takes a naughty Andrea in hand for an evening of roleplaying and dress-up games. Originally published in the Autumn 2001 issue of Avalon Mists.

THE LESSON, Part 1NC-17, Posted 19-Dec-2001
While dreaming, Andrea Calhoun receives a lesson she won't soon forget.

THE LESSON, Part 2NC-17, Posted 07-Jan-2002
A short continuation inspired by Mooncat's illustration.

RIPPLESNC-17, Posted 21-Dec-2001
As their weekend together continues, Andrea makes a find while shopping with Dominique that leads to an adventure neither of them had ever bargained on.

HOME IS A DARK PLACE, Part 1R, Posted 03-May-2002
As Angela seeks to learn the truth about Sector 13, an old adversary resurfaces, bringing a new player into the game.

HOME IS A DARK PLACE, Part 2R, Posted 10-May-2002
Angela meets the "twin sister" she never knew she had while Elisa finds herself forced to straddle a fine line between her duty as a police officer and her place in the clan.

HOME IS A DARK PLACE, Part 3R, Posted 24-Jun-2002
Wyvern is no haven for Angela and Elisa.

HOME IS A DARK PLACE, Part 4R, Posted 28-Aug-2002
Angela uses desperate measures while Elisa deals with the fallout of Captain Chavez's discovery. A revelation from Cleveland sheds new light on the investigation, and just how far will Brooklyn go to learn Ptah's secret?

HOME IS A DARK PLACE, Part 5R, Posted 12-Sep-2002
With interlopers in their midsts, Elisa prepares to say goodbye to the 23rd Precinct as Angela wages a desperate battle for fredom. Final chapter of this series.

NEARLY MIDNIGHTR, Posted 31-Dec-2002 (by Puck)
Andrea and Demona find their own special way to ring in the New Year. Written for the GargoylesX Winter 2002 Writer's Challenge.

INFLIGHT INTERLUDENC-17, Posted 15-Jul-2003 (by Puck)
Inspired by an old ficbit, this short story was written for the GargoylesX "Trapped / Secret Liasons" Writer's Challenge.

BUSMAN'S HOLIDAYR, Posted 21-Oct-2003
"I'm Jackal, and this is Hyena. You may remember us from such T.V. shows as 'The Pack' and 'America's Most Wanted'."

IMMORTAL PURSUITR, Posted 05-Jan-2004
Three have pursued Elisa Maza for millennia. Who will win in the final confrontation?

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Puck's Stories

Please note: All stories rated NC-17 are intended for mature readers only!

SPRINGTIME SURPRISENC-17, Posted 26-Mar-2003
Andrea plans a surprise for Dominique on her "hatching night," but ends up getting an even bigger surprise of her own. An alternate universe tale set after "Ripples," written for the GargoylesX Spring 2003 Writer's Challenge. Rated NC-17 for explicit content, contains F/F sex, bondage.

TURNABOUT'S FAIR PLAYNC-17, Posted 25-Aug-2003
An unanticipated reversal of roles finds Mistress Fox wondering if she has trained her pets just a bit too well. An alternate universe sequel to Madame Destine's "Mistress of Dreams," written for the GargoylesX Halloween 2003 Writer's Challenge. Rated NC-17 for explicit content, contains F/F sex, bondage.

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M. the Cat's Stories

Please note: All stories rated NC-17 are intended for mature readers only!

David and Fox Xanatos engage in a bit of holiday merriment. Adult situations, implied and overt.

TWO MINUTESR, Posted 29-Dec-2003
What does the hardest working personal assistant in Manhattan do with his time off? A New Year's Story.

INITIATIONNC-17, Posted 02-Jan-2004
When Lexington catches the eye of his drill instructor he is singled out for a night of special instruction. Written for Jerr Bear's Lexington/Demona Challenge. Rated N-17 for explicit depictions of sex, including M/M group sex.

PRELUDER, Posted 21-Jan-2004
Part One of "Crossing the Line". In the aftermath of Madame Destine's "Kaleidoscope Eyes," Matt and Elisa begin to come to terms with some very repressed feelings.

Part Two of "Crossing the Line". A routine assist on the way to a robbery investigation changes Elisa's life forever - again.

Part Three of "Crossing the Line". It's the morning after the night before. How will two lovers face the harsh light of day?

Part Four of "Crossing the Line". A session with a police psychologist and a spontaneous visit to a florist lead to a new begining between two partners.

GAME PLANR, Posted 06-Feb-2004
Part Five of "Crossing the Line". Breaking up is hard to do. Hooking up when your lover is your partner is even harder.

MORE THAN PARTNERSR, Posted 11-Feb-2004
Part Six of "Crossing the Line". An officer is laid to rest. Matt contemplates a career change and Elisa wonders what it would be like for someone to call her Mom.

EQUILIBRIUMR, Posted 14-Feb-2004
Part Seven of "Crossing the Line". Chaos sometimes leads to clarity. Final Chapter.

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